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    Arduino Diecimila by Remko van Dokkum

    Arduino Diecimila (photo by Remko van Dokkum)

    The first time I saw a Monome in action I knew I wanted one. But right from the start I was keen to have RGB-support.

    My Arduinome doesn’t have rgb-support – yet. As I still haven’t seen a shield that supports rgb I will use the unsped (Brad Hill) Arduino shield. The result will be mono- rather than multi-color. But by using rgb-leds I will hopefully have prepared myself for the future.

    I pretty much followed the instructions of basementleds, bricktable, monome-forum, and julien bayles site. I did, however add one thing. The idea of using conn headers and ribbon cables (as on the original monome kit) seemed more pleasing than hundreds of cables hanging around and waiting for me to snap them off.

    Sparkfun rgb buttons (photo by jared)

    Sparkfun rgb buttons (photo by jared)

    This is my parts list (which I sincerley hope will work since I put about 200€ in there):

    I also bought a new soldering iron some utilities and I still need to figure out how to make the case and faceplate. I will probably use Xndrs great idea for the case. And probably a Front Panel Express design for the faceplate (though I have to make one myself as it seems as none is readily available). If anyone has a faceplate for a 4x Sparkfun 4×4 config I would be much obliged.

    I aslo bought a button bezel in order to test the button action of the Arduinome. So far I’ve only bought one since I’m not sure I will need them if I make a faceplate later on.

    Some of the parts I ordered from the US and has not arrived yet, others were on back-order and will soon be available again.

    Update: Apparently Batchpcb (who is owned by Sparkfun) sends your order to China (Gold Phoenix), make a huge profit and evidently doesn’t give a rats ass about sustainability and/or environmental issues.
    I won’t be ordering from batchpcb again. And I’ve learned my lesson not to order before I have checked up the company.


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